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Family gatherings were always a special time. Everyone coming together to tell stories, laugh and of course eat!

Our family not only ate together but cooked together. The kitchen was where you would find everyone. Each person had a specialty dish that they would prepare. Certain family members were proud to be official taste testers. Food would come out in stages and it kept coming. Our bellies would be full and would hurt from so much laughter. 

The music and dancing afterward, allowed for calories to be burned off.

It was always a joy to see our friends of different cultures trying Puerto Rican food for the first time. Nothing would put a smile on our face more than seeing someone enjoy our food. 

We are excited to share some of our favorite Puerto Rican Eats with you.  We use all the traditional flavors and the fresh ingredients we grew up with. Everything is authentically made with love.

We hope you enjoy!